Nic Askew, a film maker I know, sent an e-mail a while ago asking for introductions to leaders to interview for his films. Rightly so, Nic is very concerned with the lack of leadership shown in this country and wanted to make it a theme in his next series of films. Particularly he wanted to highlight the aspects of leadership that are more elusive and often overlooked.

This is the first in his series on leadership. I was moved by it and wanted to share.

I think self introspection and acceptance is a great place to start when examining what it is to be a leader. From my own experience, insecurity is what keeps me from really listening to others. Rather, when I have a strong or negative reaction (as opposed to a thoughtful response) to someone it is always something I see in myself- something with which I have not come to terms.

The true leaders I’ve had the pleasure of working with and learning from share this ability to accept their current situation not as right or wrong but simply the reality of the current situation. It is that acceptance which allows for people to see a greater possibility and make progress unencumbered by negativity.

And in thinking about it, I am amazed at what a simple yet difficult step it is to be able to look at yourself and come to terms with your shortcomings.

At least it is for me…