Our Responsibility to our Applicants

I have been thinking about my post last week about how our online reviews are written by applicants who have not met our standards and we have declined to employ.  We are attempting to provide clients with employee who excel in productivity.  Not everyone is designed for temporary consulting work.  With the screening we do, upon completion, those candidates who match what we are looking for will be individuals we can advocate for and represent.  Our thoroughness means if we get negative feedback, we are able to dialogue with the client in favor of the candidate.  This is our promise.

But what is our responsibility to our applicants?  Being polite, seeing people quickly and making the interview process as thorough and pleasant as possible is no longer sufficient.  We test for attributes such as adaptability and ability to follow directions so our applicants are taking tests that they are unaccustomed to because no other agency does this.  This can be annoying and upsetting.  We have to go the extra mile to ensure that everyone leaves our office having gotten value.

So, how do we adapt?

Managing expectations

Clearly we need to do a better job of explaining our process and making sure our applicants know what to expect when they come in to register.  Obviously when we schedule interviews we tell our applicants we use an assessment that measures attributes critical to success as a consultant like adaptability and ability to follow directions.  We need to make it clear that by scheduling an interview we are not making a commitment to hire anyone.  We are looking to see if there is a match with our client’s requirements – not guaranteeing a job.  What we can do is find a way to make the experience valuable to everyone who comes through our door.  We can recommend other resources, acknowledge strengths and commit to having each candidate learn something about themselves from the interview questions we ask.

Probably as important as the above is to listen to what is being said.  What does the candidate want to do and what might be a path or access to the accomplishment of their goals.  While we may not have all the answers, we can at least listen.

In a world where everyone with a phone can publish a review, we have the opportunity and challenge of enhancing and improving our process in response to this feedback.  We will take our process to a higher level by reducing the negative and advancing the positive. This is a gift.

Careful now!

This is painfully obvious but another clear step for us is to simply be more careful in who we bring in. If we decrease the number of people we bring in and do not place it will do a lot to improve good will.   We are carefully looking at our prescreening process to help determine how we can be more discerning.  This is easier said than done – getting people skilled to interview for qualities like adaptability and ability to follow directions is not an easy task.  Nevertheless,  reducing the number of people we screen and cannot present to our clients will benefit everyone.

Responding quickly to our clients needs is critical.  If a manager has received 12 resumes and 5 of them meet her requirements will she really look at the 13th resume?  She won’t.  So if we do not have the right applicant ready to go at the moment the order comes it is too late.  That means we need to have a wide verity of available candidates ready to go at the start of each day for we never know what orders we are going to get.  Yet we are working on finding the most common threads so we can be responsive to our clients most common needs with while also bringing in fewer candidates.

It’s the Experience Stupid

Let’s face it, looking for a job sucks.  Where we can’t change that fact, we can make the interview process more pleasant.  We look to have the experience of our applicants be pleasant and work to make people more comfortable perhaps the process of being scrutinized will not be as objectionable.

And I think therein lies the true gift of online reviews.  Ultimately these steps will make Wall Street Services a more efficient company.  I might complain about being reviewed by people we reject but they are the ones who inspired these changes.  So… Thank you?

I will keep you posted as we refine the way in which our company functions.

Until next time,

Peter Laughter

CEO Wall Street Services