Job Satisfaction – The Ultimate Benefit

Running a Contract and Temporary staffing firm and providing good benefits is a struggle. The sad truth is that our margins do not allow people in this industry to provide benefits that can compete with that of our clients. This is not unique to Wall Street Services – it is endemic throughout the industry. Not being the type to sit around and accept a crappy situation I have always looked around to see what else Wall Street Services can do to provide better benefits to our consultants.

I saw this study on job satisfaction which, in addition to downright depressing me, reminded me of what is really important. The report is part of Mercer Management Consulting “What’s Working” survey and reports that one out of every three American workers (32%) is looking to leave their jobs while another 21% of American workers, though not looking for work, have rock bottom scores on indices that measure loyalty, commitment and motivation.

Think about that for a moment – more than half of Americans hate their jobs. One out of every 2 working people in this country are spending the majority of their waking hours doing something they can’t stand.

It explains a lot doesn’t it?

That guy standing in front of the door on the subway WHEN THERE IS PLENTY OF ROOM ON THE CAR – he probably hates his job. The woman who cut you off in a fit of road rage for trying to change lanes? Her too. The general state of our depressed economy probably won’t change much if most people are dragging their feet either. It is really depressing when you think of the cost to our society, neighborhoods and families when half of us are dejected about their work.

But there is great opportunity in this. For me, there is nothing better than giving someone their dream job. The feeling of satisfaction you get when you provide someone with a job that is a match for their skills, personality and aspirations is unbelievable.

As a mere broker of consulting opportunities there is not much we can do to affect someone’s job satisfaction. As their agent, on the other hand, there is lots of opportunity – That is why we provide in-depth interview coaching. While our consultants are on the job we work with them to identify opportunities to expand their responsibilities and advance.

We operate under the understanding that with good insight into how companies work, most problems with poor job satisfaction can be addressed. If they cannot, we as agents have the ability to place someone in a different situation.

I really wish I had the ability to provide our consultants with better benefits. Perhaps in time we will find a way. In the meantime – we can work with people so that they love their jobs, and that goes a long way.

Peter Laughter
Wall Street Services