Care Leading to Collaboration

In the last blog post – I spoke of the power of collaboration, my frustration with our inability to create a stronger partnership relationship with our investment banking clients, and the desire to have more collaboration with the consultants who work with Wall Street Services.

It is fitting that I would take on this question now – the staff here at Wall Street Services is taking on the review of our core value “Care” this quarter and I couldn’t think of a better Core Value to set the context for looking at collaboration.  We use our core values to evaluate prospective employees and the performance of our existing staff.  Most importantly, we use core values as a tool to make decisions.  That way, we can be consistent and true to the attributes that made us successful.

The core value “Care” is slightly deceptive – where it does call on us to show the depth of our concern for our employees and clients it also calls us to be true to the inherent care we have for our careers.  I believe that we all have an innate desire to do work that we are proud of and feel satisfied with our labor.  After all, our career is a critical aspect of our identity.  When you are at a party and you meet someone new – what are the first two questions you are asked?  I guarantee that “What do you do?” is one of them.   Considering that we spend the majority of our waking lives at our jobs, satisfaction is essential.

So with our Core Value “Care” we are called on to protect and nurture this commitment to do good work and be satisfied with our job.  As you well know, this is not easy.  We live in a country where the majority of working people do not like (and even hold active disdain for) their jobs.  Even for those of us who actually like our jobs there is a steady flow of problems that if not addressed will hinder our ability to experience satisfaction with our labor.  In every job there are persistent problems that erode our experience of fulfillment over time.  Even the best relationships with superiors can be eroded with subtle flaws in management styles.  Over time we get accustomed to the daily flow of work and boredom sets in.  Thus the core value “Care” – this value calls on the employees of Wall Street Services to actively protect the sense of pleasure we receive from our jobs.

During our weekly meetings each Thursday we set aside time to discuss this core value, how we have expressed it, and where we as a company and as individuals can deepen our understanding and expression of the value.  What I have found delightful about this conversation is that we have really focused on our expression of “Care” with our consultants.

Out of this conversation we as a company are seeing how we can step away from being brokers of consulting assignments and move into a space where we are agents for our employees’ careers.  This collaborative approach calls upon us to forge deeper relationships with our employees, getting to know their dreams and frustrations, learning more about their experiences at our client companies and finding the areas of frustration that hold them back.   When that relationship is formed we get the ability to use our expertise on consulting and workplace dynamics to actively advance our employees careers.

When we are able to accomplish this it is one of the most satisfying actions in the consulting/staffing industry.

So, with our focus on our core value of “Care” in mind when I wrote last week’s blog piece on partnership I started thinking about how we at Wall Street Services could better partner with our consultants to further their goals as well as ours.

I am developing some thoughts on the matter but right now I am interested in hearing from you on what Wall Street Services can be doing to further advance your careers and experience of job satisfaction.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Peter Laughter


Wall Street Services

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