Featured NYC Financial Consultant: Jenna Young

We are proud to introduce Jenna Young – a Wall Street Services Consultant since 2010. As a Featured NYC Financial Consultant, Jenna shares her experiences in working with Wall Street Services as a consultant at one of the top NYC Investment banks.

1. Tell us about your current position. What are your responsibilities, main job functions, etc?
I’m working in the digital sphere, maintaining content in the banks public-facing websites, working in CMS and ipub structures. I’ve also built 3 microsites during my term and am now on the 4-person team, engaging with an outside advertising agency, that’s restructuring content, design, site map and back-end technology for the bank’s public presence over 3 sites, winnowing 500 pages down to 120. It’s quite a bit to chew and is a great project.

2. How has your role evolved from when you first began working at your current company to your role now and what steps did you take to impact the evolution?
I’m with the same team and a portion of my work has remained constant. But my role has evolved to encompass more detailed and high-level strategy work because I’ve made it clear that I’m interested in contributing however I may be of service. As a result, my direct manager has given me projects for development, and my managing director has charged me with being a team member on the latest large initiative because of my obvious enthusiasm, interest, and willingness to pitch in as needed.

3. What is it like working in the Finance Industry?
These are tenuous times for the industry, so there is a fish-eyed perspective of the outside looking in and the inside looking inward, if that makes sense. Overall, the people I engage with are smart and strong contributors to their areas of expertise. It is not a highly creative environment, but rather a steady environment of process and procedure.

4. What is it like working as a consultant?
If you’re looking for short-term project work and have another job lined up, it can be a great. But if you’re looking for stability and longevity in settling into a job and with a team, it can be trying. You must have an open mind and be flexible and ready for change, because as a term comes to an end, it’s never known whether there will be an extension or a termination. Further, vacations and benefits are not included, and in my case, I’ve had a heavy commuting expense, so it’s not been financially perfect. That said, it is great to have a job of any length in this economic period.

5. What key experiences from your educational or career past have helped contribute to your current job success?
Everything. Every person is unique in what they know, in what ways they can contribute, and I bring with me a whole basket of skills, experience and perspective that has benefited this role.

6. Why do you love your job?
I respect my team and have made some friends and am very pleased to be on this latest large initiative. It’s robust, challenging, and will be something to mark down as a success when completed.

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