Featured Consultant Profile: Garrett Robinson

We are proud to introduce Garrett Robinson – a Wall Street Services financial consultant. As a Featured NYC Financial Consultant, Garrett shares his experiences in working with Wall Street Services as a consultant in the finance industry.

1. Tell us about your current position. What are your responsibilities, main job functions, etc?

My current position is with Emax Financial and Real Estate Advisory Services, LLC as a quality control analyst. As the team was preparing a report for Congress that provided cost/benefit analysis with details and modeling for the valuation of Veteran’s real estate projects throughout the country, I focused on the accuracy of the report in comparison to the proprietary financial modeling tools developed. A large aspect of the position included working with other quality control analysts and members of the executive team to deliver conclusion reports regarding the analysis and assumptions.

2. How has your role evolved from when you first began working at your current company to your role now and what steps did you take to impact the evolution?

Previously, I was a financial services audit associate with KPMG on the Credit Suisse engagement. My main process area was Secrutized Products and included valuation of cash and derivative financial instruments as well as reperforming procedures determined by the product control group when analyzing price testing methodology. While this role included evaluating the process of modeling concepts similar to my previous position, I was able to gain exposure to the function of a smaller business environment. Working with the Emax team provided the ability to collaborate hand in hand with the majority of the team including a managing member. As an accounting major, I gained an insight into areas of business that are impacted beyond just the financial statements, thus lending itself to a more rewarding general business outlook.

3. What is it like working in the Finance Industry?

Working in the Finance Industry provides an environment to combine my creativity and passion for business enterprise to contribute in an impactful way. I always find myself surrounded by other motivated and intelligent young professionals which challenges me to move forward and always look for opportunities to learn and further develop my skills.

4. What is it like working as a consultant?

As a recent graduate, I am still searching for a position that will align my personal interests and passion for business into a rewarding and challenging career. Being a consultant allows me to gain exposure to many different positions within a variety of companies ranging from the Fortune 500 to small start-ups, providing the possibility of experiences that help me to determine my ultimate career path.

5. What key experiences from your educational or career past have helped contribute to your current job success?

I think much of my success can be attributed to the knowledge and skills I have learned from mentors. On campus or in a professional environment, the knowledge gained from those seasoned in the field provide an experienced source from which information can be ascertained relating to a variety of relative and non-relative topics. Recently at KPMG, my senior invested his time to teach me how the securitized products process area I was working on contributed to the entire business operations of the client, enabling me to better understand and conceptualize my assigned tasks, thus lending to better job performance. Also, when I was a student at West Virginia University, I was a member of the Student Government Association which allowed me to work with various levels of the administration including the president of the university. This opportunity provided me insight into working as a point of contact and balancing multiple demands in an effort to achieve cohesive collaboration.

6. Why do you love your job?

The most important aspect of a job for me is to make sure that the position is challenging while working for a company that hires great people. Everyone on the Emax team was highly personable, and I enjoyed the comfortable atmosphere while knowing I was working with other bright and motivated professionals.