Five Cities to Search for Finance Jobs in 2013

Five Cities to Search for Finance Jobs in 2013

The good news for the class of 2013?  Economists agree that you’ve found the right year.  Students matriculating in June have a better chance of landing jobs than degree holding hopefuls just 9 months ago.  Better news?  From that class, finance is the top degree in demand.  The Brookings Institution reports that there are 184,312 openings for financial specialists listed online alone.  So, you’ve completed your internships, your social networking profiles are up to date, you’ve begun making contacts and your resume has been polished so many times it shines like gold, but you still aren’t sure where to begin the search for a job in finance.  Consider, first, that urban areas with high demand for educated workers are always good places to start; then, check out the list of cities below.

Pittsburgh: Time Magazine pointed to Pittsburgh, PA as one of the best cities to look for a job this year.  This city has the second highest job creation index score, and while job listings have declined by 32% nationally over the past year, Pittsburgh holds strong at only a 3% loss.  In terms of livability, Pittsburgh has been consistently ranked over the years as one of the best places to live, work and visit in the United States (and occasionally even the world).

San Francisco: When we think San Francisco in 2013, we think tech. This is where the programmers, the app developers, the game gurus go.  In truth, San Francisco’s golden age extends past computer occupations.  Out of 10, finance slides in at number 5 in a list of most wanted professionals.  With a healthy job market of 1,935,400 – 49% demand educated individuals with at least a bachelor’s degree.

Salt Lake City: Believe it. Bloomburg Businessweek listed Salt Lake City at number 8 in a list of America’s strongest job markets, and finance fits neatly into the city’s top 3 most wanted professionals.  With a population of 1,130,293, SLC’s unemployment rate still comes in at a national low of 5.1%, and as home to the University of Utah’s genetics and health science divisions, it has been recognized as a hotbed of new business creation.

Houston: They tell us not to mess with Texas, so we certainly wouldn’t dream of leaving it behind.  With a population of 5.9 million, it is one of the largest cities in America with jobless rates lower than the national average.  Let’s not forget that the energy sector has a need for financial professionals, and Houston houses both oil and gas -not to mention being the regional center for a lot of major companies’ financial departments.

New York: We couldn’t leave this classic off the list.  New York has long been considered the financial capitol of the world, and with a total area employment of 8,552,000, it is not to be forgotten.  This city is a mecca for large investment banks, housing institutions like Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs to name a few, not to mention that banks like Citigroup and JP Morgan also make their homes here. In a list of the city’s most demanded jobs, finance still finds itself at a solid number 4.  While the cost of living is higher than in other cities, so (often) are the pay rates, and the exodus of some overworked financial professionals left a slew of openings for the next generation.  Plus, the perks of life in this hub are nothing to scoff at.  For an up and coming professional, New York is still a glowing center for art, food, music and nightlife.

By Wall Street Services Staff