Financial Recruiters and Consultants: A Productive Partnership

Financial Recruiters and Consultants- A Productive Partnership

For many job seekers, the role of the recruiter is often regarded as someone who only represents the best interests of the hiring firm.  There is no reason why financial recruiters and consultants cannot work together to develop a mutually beneficial partnership. Both the job applicant and recruiter share equal responsibility in ensuring that the potential financial consultant finds exactly the right position.

The financial consultant: Has to be honest and upfront about the type of position that is a good fit for their skills and interests. Are they more comfortable working as a small cog in a larger corporate environment, or are they more at home in a small start-up where they can make an immediate and visible impact? Does the candidate share the company’s business goals? Is the geographical location the best choice? Is the job seeker more of a technical person who would be unhappy in a customer service role all day long?

The financial recuiter: Realizes that each job candidate has different strengths and weaknesses, and that they might not be the best fit for the hiring company. A good recruiter is like a professional matchmaker who works diligently to align the requirements of the hiring firm with the best possible consultant match. The talented recruiter is also a detective of sorts who investigates the personal skills and goals of the job candidate, and determines whether they will meet the specific needs of the hiring firm. Can the job seeker adapt to the corporate environment, or will there be a clash of values and philosophies? Does the candidate have the critical thinking skills and positive attitude that will allow them to add value to the new employer?

Financial consultants and recruiters can maintain an ongoing partnership by checking in with each other periodically to give feedback on the current assignment and whether it is a good fit for the consultant and employee. It is also important that the employee makes the recruiter aware of any additional skills they have picked up in a new assignment. Staying in touch in the future could lead to the possibility of finding the perfect long-term assignment or direct hiring of the consultant. If the recruiter knows of the consultant’s background and past employment history, it can make for a good match for a future position.

The business partnership of the financial consultant and recruiter is a collaboration that will hopefully develop into a long-term relationship based on mutual trust and respect over many years.

By Wall Street Services Staff