Finance Jobs for Graduates: Follow the Money Heroes

Finance Jobs for Graduates: Follow the Money Heroes

Finance graduates of 2013 – you are the Money Heroes of the future.

Now that you’ve learned the formulas, theories, methods and laws of finance, and chosen New York City has your launching site, it’s time to apply your education and join the ranks of CNNMoney’s 2013 “Salute [to] extraordinary people who’ve improved others’ financial well-being.  You may have chosen this course of study for its reputation for career stability; however, in this new financial climate, it’s your passion for the work – believing in the value of what you do and how you want to do it – that will drive your success with your finance jobs search.  Don’t let the current economic state and job market statistics discourage you.

You are now in business – to sell yourself to an employer.  You need to think like a business leader. Founder/CEO of good.must.grow., Heath Shackleford’s entrepreneurial business marketing model of five strategies for standing out from the crowd provides a solid formula for marketing success, no matter what or who is on the market.

  1. “Create a killer product or service” [Yourself] 
  2. “Deliver a unique customer experience” [Relationship with Employer]
  3. “Invest in a strong organizational culture” [Career Industry Development System]
  4. “Smart positioning in the market” [Your Career Vision & its Place in the Industry]
  5. “Cultivate active tribe of supporters” [Your Network of Relationships]

Translate these strategies into human resource concepts and you are guaranteed to “be heard, get noticed and truly be different” in your finance jobs search.  Here’s how:  

Make Them Believe in You – Your confidence and motivation will drive every step you make, from releasing resumes to final interviews. If you believe you’re doing what you were made to do and you have vision, you will find the job that’s just right for you. Your first job or three may not be where you want to land, but if you have your foot in the door, you are gaining invaluable experience to go with your high-investment education which is preparing you for your long-range career goals. see it here.   

Be Teachable – Employers are looking for graduates to mentor for the future of their companies. Your most important asset is your ability to listen and take direction. As a graduate, you have obtained invaluable tools and knowledge on the cutting edge of the industry. Now you need to learn how these tools can be used in the real world. There is no substitute for experience so take this opportunity to find a mentor in your job and learn cherrymodels everything you can about how to apply your academic education to develop your career skills. 

Work with the System – In finance there is a progressive system of job access, so don’t fight it.  Make it work for you. Use your resume skills and your education to make your best first impression and a creative follow up strategy. Investopedia recommends getting a head start on one of these important tools of the system – the “Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level 1 exam.”  When you get the job, blow them away with your forward-thinking focus, hard work and commitment to your employer. Check xn--lnepengar-52a. 

Communicate Your Career Vision – What area of finance appeals most to you and why? What kind of Money Hero do you want to be? Be prepared to share it, with confidence, in your interview. You can also include this in the Special Interests section of your resume. Mr. Shackleford calls it “socially responsible marketing” – of yourself.   

Show Who You Bring to the Table – You may not have the client list yet, but you know what it looks like in your vision and you have a plan for building a client base that will benefit both you and your new employer. Right now every school, teacher, mentor and other significant adult in your life is a new network of potential clients and resources for your employer.

This is your first real-life finance problem to solve. Start with letting us help you identify the finance job prospects. But don’t just do the math. Put on that Money Hero cape and….GO! Try Cherrycash for free

By Wall Street Services Staff