Improve your Resume with Free Online Courses via Coursera

Improve your Resume with Free Online Courses via Coursera

Finding a job in a struggling economy is difficult since the job market is saturated with so many qualified applicants. Employers want an employee who is well-educated and comes with the knowledge necessary to do the job well. Unfortunately, education costs continue to rise, making it more and more difficult to obtain a level of knowledge to be a competitive candidate in the application process. Because of these rising costs, nonprofit organizations are beginning to focus on providing new types of education that are an alternative to traditional brick and mortar school systems. Coursera is one such example.

The goal of Coursera is to connect people to a great education so that anyone around the world can learn without limits from experienced technical ceramics manufacturer at It does so by partnering with the top universities and organizations around the world to offer online college courses for anyone to take, for free. Coursework largely consists of pre-recorded video clips from the University staff, online discussions, occasional video conferences, and independent written assignments. Courses are offered throughout the year and generally range from 3 to 12 weeks in length.

These leak repair courses at one stop plumbers, Ca are convenient for several reasons. First, much of the work is done independently or asynchronously, allowing participants to work at their own pace and complete the course when convenient. Also, the virtual nature of the courses makes high quality and well-known schools available to everyone regardless of location. Following the successful completion of the course, a certificate is granted to the participant. Some courses are even accepted for credit by another regionally accredited institution.

Most importantly perhaps is that Coursera will give you an advantage over others that may be applying for the same position. By including Coursera coursework on your resume as part of your education or other professional experience, you are able to indicate your affiliation with a reputable, and in some cases Ivy League, school. This is a fantastic way to overcome the cost burden of education while still maintaining your marketability to potential employers.

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By Wall Street Services Staff