Tips on How to Find a Job Through Social Media

Tips on How to Find a Job Through Social Media

Social media is all the rage.  Nearly everyone in the world is on at least one social network.  More than likely it’s on one of the main four:  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.  You check those sites on a daily basis; you might as well use that same determination to find your next job.  However, these tips on how to find a job are more strategic in social media than the traditional way.

Tell the World You’re ‘In Between Jobs’
Get on your social network profile and tell everyone in your network that you are unemployed and looking for a job.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of; it’s something to embrace and use to your advantage.  Get specific and let them know what type of job you’re looking for.  Your friends, followers and connections will remember you whenever a position opens up.

Network with Your Network
Mingle with Facebook friends, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections and Google+ circles.  Depending on what popular network you’re on, you can talk to people you know about the latest job openings in their company.  You will have the first crack at company openings before the public finds out about it.  Mingling creates connections, and to get the connections it’s about who you know.

Network with Hiring Managers
Speaking of who you know, get to know the ones that make the final hiring decisions.  Connect with the hiring manager at the companies you’re interested in.  Approaching them directly comes with a 50/50 shot of success.  Be 100% successful and get their attention another way.  Retweet their tweets so they can follow you on Twitter, grow your LinkedIn connection until the manager becomes a third-degree connection, or follow their page on Google+.  Another strategy is to look at their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles for more information about them.  You can tailor your resume to their satisfaction.

Have a Professional Profile with Professional Posts
While LinkedIn is known for its professional flavor, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are not.  Facebook and Google+, however, have a way to separate personal and professional posts in privacy settings.  Twitter doesn’t have that luxury, but if the posts are professional to begin with you have nothing to worry about.  If the posts are ‘too personal’ for business use consider opening a second Twitter account just for professional use.

Attach Social Media to Your Resume
Insert social media flavor into your resume with hyperlinks. It seems odd to add hyperlinks to your resume, but it does help you land the job.  It shows employers that you have a valuable skill:  social media savvy.  Know that the employers will look at your profile; add only the clean profiles to your resume:  LinkedIn, your blog and (maybe) Twitter.  Don’t add Facebook to the resume unless it’s strictly business professional.

For maximum reach use these tips on every social network you joined.  Cast a wide net and see what comes out of it.  Continue to network with friends, circles, followers and connections in search of the dream job.

By Wall Street Services Staff