Jobs on Wall Street: Tips on How to Succeed

Jobs on Wall Street: Tips on How to Succeed

As the U.S. economy hasn’t fully recovered from its meltdown in 2008, jobs on Wall Street can still be hard to come by. But that is no reason to give up hope. According to a recent article in Forbes, since the 1950s, the financial service sector has amassed a share of 8.5% of the GDP, up from 2.5%. What does this all mean? That there are plenty of jobs out there; you just have to know how to secure the one you want. Here’s how…

Learn to be the king of the jungle. Wall Street is a jungle of sorts, albeit the concrete kind. And every ecosystem has its pecking order. Are you more Simba than Scar? Not to worry. The important thing is to be yourself and let your confidence shine through. When potential employers see this, your skills and experience will attest to your hireability.

Up your mental performance. We’re not talking Bradley Cooper’s character in Limitless, but there are things you can do to make sure you’re sharp and on your game. You never know when you’ll get to make your 60-second elevator pitch, or be introduced to the CEO of Evercore or Morgan Stanley. Getting plenty of sleep, eating a well-balanced diet, and exercising on a regular basis are just a few basic things that will help. Remember, sometimes you really only do get once chance to make a first impression.

Find a mentor. Choose wisely. This person will be an invaluable asset as you take the journey down your career path. A mentor can help you find job opportunities, offer emotional support, and give life-changing advice. Remember, they’ve been in your shoes and can empathize what you’re going through.

Tap into your university’s alumni networks. They are there for a reason and contain unlimited wealth. Networking is a true key to success in today’s financial sector.  Successful alumni will be happy to help out a fellow graduate, and it will serve as a resumé builder.

Take that unpaid internship. The idea of working for free may not appeal to you, but think of the experience it can offer. It’s a great way to learn the ins and outs of your fieldmake new contacts, hone your skills, and build great references for the future.

Write a finance blog. If you’re not already doing this, why not? A blog is a fantastic way to show potential employers that youre well-rounded, can deliver insight, and are in the know on current issues in your field. Another great reason? It will boost your web presence and SEO. When a potential employer Googles you, they’ll be impressed with your initiative.

Have business cards made. This may seem odd, especially if you don’t have a job yet. Consider this: you’re at an event and meet someone who knows someone who knows someone at Goldman Sachs They forgot their phone. As you scramble to find a pen and a napkin, they slip out of view. A rule: keep it simple, and always carry them with you.

By Wall Street Services Staff