Summer is a Great Time to Seek Employment

Tips on How to Find a Job - Summer is a Great Time to Seek Employment

No matter what reasons you come up with – summertime is not the time to slack off on your job search efforts.  Between family vacations and taking the summer off after a recent graduation, job searches often get put on hold until the fall. But summer might actually be one of the best times to find work.

According to an article on called Six Sizzling Summer Job Search Tips “I often hear job seekers say that they want to take the summer off,” says Wendy Terwelp, career coach and president of Mequon, Wisconsin-based career management firm Opportunity Knocks. The problem with this strategy is that by the time the summer ends, job seekers who took the summer off will be competing against an increased number of job seekers who also postponed their search until fall.

Anne-Marie Ditta, president of, agrees. “A fair number of job seekers think that recruiters and hiring managers are unavailable during the summer,” Ditta says. Therefore, many believe it’s a waste of time to job search from June through August. But summer can be a prime hiring season for some employers, due to the fact that employers want to get new people trained before new projects start up in the fall.

A recent survey from the Addison Group studied the attitudes of job seekers regarding finding employment during the summer months. In their 2013 US Workforce Survey, over 1,000 unemployed and employed workers reported on their attitudes about summer job searches. Almost half of the survey respondents (49%) stated that summer was one of the best times to actively look for a job. The survey considered people who were putting more effort into their job searches as “hunters’ or “active”.

One interesting result was the fact that job seekers who favored the summer months as a good time to look for work varied by age.  In the 30-44 age bracket, 50% of them thought summer was a good time to seek employment. More than 64% of the 18-29 age group felt that summer job searching was worthwhile..

Sure, you might feel unmotivated or more interested in the beach during the warm summer months, but that’s not a valid reason to slow down your job search. With so much competition out there for jobs, it is critical to continue your job search no matter what the weather is like. Summer job searching could lead to finding the perfect job.

By Wall Street Services Staff