Applying for More than One Finance Job in the Same Company

Applying for More than One Finance Job in the Same Company

A finance company is looking for five positions.  Of those five positions you are interested in applying for two.  Is it alright to apply two or more finance jobs in the same company? Do you have to choose one job over the other?

Employers’ Point of View

Some employers view this as determination to get into the company and being well-versed in many areas.  It shows passion and commitment to the company in question.  Sometimes there is more than one position open that employers had experience with in the past, and they just want to apply to both.  Competition is fierce, and employees want to make sure they have a fighting chance.

Others see it as being desperate, naive and unfocused.  Applying for every open position in the company just to hear a callback is an example of this.  Applying for janitor, programmer, executive assistant and financial analyst positions at once is going to show employers that you don’t know what you’re after.  This can turn employers off of your resume altogether.  That’s because each job has a different set of responsibilities and tasks to do, and they may feel you lack commitment.  Companies aren’t looking for renaissance men or women; they are looking for the right candidate.

Should I Apply?

This is a tricky one.  Your resume could be seen already and applying twice can hurt your chances.  On the other hand a new person may do the hiring or no one may have seen the resume.  Look at these steps according to CBS Moneywatch and US News Money and decide for yourself:

  • Apply to one, wait three weeks and then apply for another position.  Thanks to looking at tons of resumes each day for the right candidate three weeks is a blink of an eye.  Give them that window to review the resume and others before resubmitting or applying for another position.  Applying for every job at once is not a good idea.
  • Apply to jobs that relate to what you’re interested in and qualified for.  Applying for every job opening out there is not wise as you look scattered.  You should also match the qualifications.  There’s a reason why companies ask for 3-5 years experience and experience with QuickBooks, for example.
  • Make sure your resume has the keywords hiring managers or recruiting software will spot.  A good idea is to add keywords on the ad to your resume.  Skills, experience, qualities and so forth.
  • Explain everything in the cover letter.  The cover letter will state that you recognize the jobs are different and state why you’re qualified for each one.  A better idea is to tailor the cover letter for each position and treat it like a separate entry.

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