Entry Level – What to Do When You’re New in Finance?

Entry Level - What to Do When You're New in Finance

The company hired you for your financial skills, which you documented quite well in your resume and during your interview. What isn’t so clear is how you’ll actually behave at work, since this is your first job. Prove to the company and your co-workers that you fit right in by following these tips.

Watch your co-workers carefully to determine the unwritten rules of the office. These behavioral norms can govern everything from when you should loosen your tie or freshen your makeup to what personal objects are allowed on your desk and what screensavers you should be running on your monitor. If you ignore these behavioral norms, you might be seen as an outsider who will never be part of the group.

Avoid making suggestions or implementing changes. Because you don’t understand how the office works yet, you have no idea what effect your suggestions may have. Besides, your “new” implementation may have been tried unsuccessfully many times before. Wait until you fully understand the business, which may take several months.

Be nice to everyone. Introduce yourself to anyone you don’t know, smile, be polite and attentive, and offer to help co-workers who need it. The more people like you, the more they’ll agree with your ideas and be willing to help you out. You also never know whether that lowly janitor plays chess weekly with the CEO and can mention just how good you are to work with.