What are Some Interesting Finance Jobs Beyond the Stock Market Floor?

Finance Jobs Beyond the Trading Floor

When the average person is asked to name some finance jobs, you can almost bet the farm that nine out of ten of them will start with stockbroker. Stockbrokers are, as the name of the job implies, the connective tissue between sellers and buyers of stock without whom Wall Street and could conceivably collapse. Stockbroker may well be one of the most immediately identifiable of the many jobs in the world of high finance, but it would be a huge mistake to think it is anything but one possibility among many.

Budget Analyst: The amount of data at the disposal of everyone with finance jobs from Wall Street to the local bookkeeping office down the road has never been greater nor quite so unwieldy. The real business of everyone working in the financial sector is not that far removed from the business of those working for the Weather Channel. It is all about forecasting and the job of budget analyst is to compile all that raw data with the specific goal of developing, analyzing and executing a budget. Those with a talent for forecasting cost and revenue accurately can become quite wealthy on Wall Street.

Cost Estimator: One of the finance jobs that may be most often confused with that of budget analyst is the cost estimator. The reasons for confusion are easy to see since cost estimation is also steeped in the tricky art of forecasting. Cost estimators also use the voluminous amount of raw data, but in this case data ranging from wages to environmental impact is analyzed specifically to determine the ultimate cost of business ventures both public and private.

External Auditor: The external auditor is just one of many jobs in the world within a world of finance. That smaller world is occupied by what are collectively referred to as accountants. But the job of the external auditor has the potential to be far more fascinating than the job commonly referred to as a CPA. Here is a career that is part finance job and part criminal investigator. The external auditor is called in to peruse financial statements for evidence of questionable accounting practices or the lack thereof. If you are looking to finance jobs with an eye toward those with the greatest potential of making you feel all the heady rush of a being a rock star, then set your sights on becoming an external auditor and just wait patiently for an investigation to be launched by the government, shareholders, investors or a bigger company with a hunger for mergers.

Tax Accountant: The tax accountant will rarely become the superstar within the accounting section of finance jobs, but if you prefer job security to being the focus of attention, this is the way to go. Taxes have been around since nearly the beginning of civilization and show no signs of going away. Positions in this finance job can range from helping a new 21 year old sport superstar figure out how to shelter his earnings to helping small business owners through the confusing maze of ever-changing tax codes.

Personal Financial Adviser: An ideal finance job for someone that prefers to boil the high-flying world economics down to the personal is this one that requires much more intimate contact with clients than the analyst jobs. A client for a personal financial adviser could be a single individual, an extended family, an investment club or all the employees on a single floor of an office building. The knowledge of finance for this job can potentially cover everything from the best way for new parents to put away money for their newborn’s college fund to figuring out how to provide a decent retirement for a couple in their 50’s who haven’t managed to save a dime. Another significant departure from those working on the analysis side of finance is that this job can also require such skills as leading a seminar, providing tax advice and even selling insurance.