Getting Back to Work After Being Unemployed

young girl wearing a office attireYou have a job, lose it (or quit) and have high hopes for your next job. You’re hitting the pavement each day. Months start to pass and the drive you once had is going away. Those months become longer and longer until you apply numbingly to every job available. Your self-esteem, confidence and bank account is shedding away during this difficult transition. Finally you score another job yet the fear of entering the workplace against makes you uneasy. Do I still got it? Can I co-exist with everyone else? Don’t get overwhelmed and discouraged. You can battle through this.

Being employed after being unemployed for a length of time is going to be an adjustment. You have set a routine to look for financial jobs each day, and now that the job is found that routine is over. Your new routine is to get up and go to work. That’s another adjustment; it’s not easy getting up at a certain time of day if your body isn’t used to it. All that free time you had at home is shared with your job. Here are some things to get your mind set on working.

  • Remain humble. Be thankful that someone saw the talents you possess and wanted to bring you in their company to utilize them. They could have chosen someone else or you could have given up the search altogether.
  • Give your body time to adjust with a new routine. Go to bed early and get up early. Otherwise, your body won’t make it past the first day. Those after-hours plans? Cut back on those. You’re working now. Your job comes first.
  • Soak in perspective. There’s a lesson to learn for everything in life. Think about the struggles you went though looking for this job. Reflect on the things you discovered about yourself and never forget them. Each lesson depends on the individual. However, the lesson everyone learns is that you are resilient, self-reliant, not a quitter and you toughed it out until a company hired you.

It’s perfectly normal to feel rusty. Don’t let work rust get the best of you. It does get easier. This job is living proof that you succeeded, survived the dog-eat-dog world and you’re working somewhere where your talents can be used correctly. Did I mention that a job grants you a paycheck?