One Step Ahead Of The Competition: Securing A Promotion


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Before you inquire about any possible promotions, you will have to set a goal. One of the misconceptions that are connected with most job promotions is that they occur naturally. Yes – promotions might come your way if you are an exceptional worker, however, finance jobs tend to be fiercely competitive. You will have to reach for it. Be clear with what you want before you employ any actionable steps. Are you looking for a position in your current department? Or are you looking to cross into a different department? These are all questions that you need to ask yourself.

Deliver Accurately and On Time:
Demonstrate a strong work ethic. Always ask for feedback from your supervisors or bosses. Your boss needs to know that you are dependable and the “go-to” person when it comes to finding a solution to a problem. Master your current job position before reaching out. Stay abreast on current job trends and notice what other competitors are doing better than you. Implement these superior job skills into a tangible skill that will showcase your expertise. You can implement the help of a mentorship and talk about any work related issues. A good mentor can outline weak points and offer suggestions.

Make Your Voice Heard:

Talk to your supervisor about career goals with your company. Check for the workers comp attorney near me in California on Do not be modest – make sure to promote your accomplishments. Also, make sure to make your presence known, regardless of your current setting – this includes a formal meeting or somewhere as informally as a company party. Being an amiable person will add an edge. Also, show initiative by volunteering for projects either within your department or as a cross functional team. This will allow you to showcase your hard skills to a broader group.

Do Not Be Afraid to Challenge Your Bosses:
A smart challenge will stimulate thought. Do not be a drone by always agreeing with your supervisors. It is important to be agreeable, but that does not mean you cannot add a certain perspective to the conversation. This does not mean that you should argue, but there will be a chance for you to present a well thought out point.

Take Notes:
You do not want your boss or supervisor to tell you something over and over again. If you do not understand spoken directions given to you, ask for clarification on the spot. Take written notes when agreeing to requests. Writing things down is especially helpful as it will cement information in your mind.

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