Getting Your Foot in the Door with Project-Based Finance Jobs

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Finding finance jobs in today’s market can be tough. But being creative in your search can lead to lucrative long term employment doing what your love. For this reason, many professionals have “tried on” a few firms by taking project-based jobs. This has allowed for more freedom in the job market as well as possible long term employment. While continuing your search and working a project-based job, you are staying up to date with current market trends and gaining more experience in the finance field.

Career project employment is not just for the expert, it can also be a perfect for those looking to break into the field. In many cases, firms choose to hire “free agents” in an effort to find a new permanent employee. This is so the firm can see a potential hire’s work in action before hiring the candidate full time.

If you are seeking long term employment, don’t be shy to say so during your interview, be sure to ask if the position may eventually lead to a more permanent position. Remember, getting your foot in the door at a firm is half the battle. If the firm is not currently looking to fill a full time position, they may consider you in the future if you make a good impression during the project.

Many firms within the finance industry are adopting the idea of project-based employees in an effort to cut staff costs and reap the benefits of having a specialized team to handle specific projects. For the professional this can be ideal. The firm will usually pay well for specialists that work on project-based terms. In addition, contracts with a firm only last as long as the project; therefore this allows the professional to remain a “free agent” and pursue other interests as they choose.