The Year-End Holiday Job Special

Holiday Job Search


It’s the end of the year and most of us are busy musing over our shopping or how we will be spending the holidays. One thing we frequently overlook is the fact that the end of the year is full of hidden presents. Particularly for those of us who include a new job as one of our New Year’s resolutions scott houle, one of these hidden presents is that the end of year is a great time to get a head start on your job search.

Whether you’re thinking of putting your search on the back burner or waiting until January to start, you might want to reconsider: here are three reasons that you should look for a job in December.

Year-end Scrambles
Company departments often receive their following year’s budget based upon their end of the year employee head count. As a result, at year end they are often looking for employees to maintain their head count. Also, due to the time constraint, the hiring process is often simplified and expedited. For a short holiday spree, gone would be the tedium of waiting for interviews and the long nerve-wrecking days of waiting for feedback and results. At the end of the year, companies that are hiring don’t just want candidates desperately; they want them desperately right now. So go and get 15 free no deposit bonus netentplay.

Group Mentality, Complacency, and Decreased Competition
We are all subject to group mentality and year-end complacency is no different – many people put off or wind down their job search around the holidays. There are also various fair reasons to do so:

“This is the only time I have to rest.”
“It’s too hectic right now. I’ll wait till things settle down in a few months’ time.”
“Wouldn’t companies be too busy wrapping deals up to hire?” (Actually, companies near the closing stages of a deal are looking to shore up their teams to hit the ground running in the new year.)

All these fair reasons to not enter the job search aggregate into one big reason for you to apply for jobs: one person’s complacency is another person’s opportunity. Low competition will put you in high demand. This may be the perfect chance to break free of the group and capture opportunity.

Logistic Advantages
The year-end scramble and the overall decreased competition result in three final reasons that make now the best time to recruit. First, since competition is low you have a larger portion of recruiter’s interest compared to any time of the year. There is a higher chance that a recruiter will be able to see you for who your true value. Second, because companies are on a tight time schedule with fewer options you have much leeway for negotiation. This ability to negotiate leads us to our final and most important reason: higher salaries.

The end of the year is akin to a superbly placed domino set. Dominoes of high demand, low competition, negotiating capabilities continue to fall till the final domino of a great new job with a great salary is struck. Right now may be the best time for you to find the job that you love.