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Talented people who are out of work because of corporate consolidation and financial turmoil have a real challenge: How to spend “free time” in ways that are enriching, add personal value, and further the action in selecting a new career or finding rewarding work. The obvious responses such as pursuing another degree are not necessarily the best and are certainly not the only solutions. Click an item below for more ideas.

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Introspection can be extremely valuable. By taking the time to reflect, you can learn more about yourself, and take the steps to build confidence, motivation and passion.

Rethink how you are presenting and marketing yourself with the partnership of a pro. Go to and explore the whole concept of being remarkable. Any one (or all) of Seth’s books will refuel your search tactics and give you an edge.

Check out and read Simon Sinek’s April 12 post about having a mission. Simon understands better than most that passion is the essential fuel for moving forward with power.

Bill Gates provides some good reading and adventure at

Get inspired by one of the many “riveting talks by remarkable people” available at These conversations have the potential to change your life, and the way you think about the world.