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Earn up to $4,500 per client!

Do you have contacts at investment banks that you know could benefit from using consultants? Know someone that needs additional support to explore new business opportunities or manage an increase in workload? Help us build a relationship with them AND we will give you a bonus for referring them to us. If you would like to refer a client, please complete the following form.

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How It Works

Your award will be payable to you, less applicable taxes, at the following benchmarks:

Refer a Client Awards

 Pay Rate Below $40/hour Above $40/hour
 Standard Award (First 3 Positions) $900 $1,500
 Preferred Award (First 6 Positions) $1,800 $3,000
 Premier Award (First 9 Positions) $2,700 $4,500

Note: Awards above are the maximum awards eligible per client we secure. The benchmarks for each individual position and payout structure are per candidate, please visit the Refer-A-Friend Program for more details.

Your award will be payable to you, less applicable taxes, for each position we secure for a Wall Street Services consultant at the clients’ organization, following these benchmarks:

Standard Award – A referral bonus on each of the first 3 positions secured for a client referred with just providing us contact information.

Preferred Award – A referral bonus on each of the first 6 positions secured for a client referred with use of your name as the referral source.

Premier Award – A referral bonus on each of the first 9 positions secured for a client referred through an introduction by phone, email or in person meeting.

There is no limit to the number of clients you may refer, and accordingly, no limit on the number of associated bonuses.

Contacts that have worked with consultants in the past, are experiencing an increase in workload, or are currently hiring are all potential client referrals.

Referral awards are payable only to registered users, i.e. those with a file in our system. If you have applied or submitted your resume then you are in our system. If you are not, you can apply via our website. Employment with Wall Street Services is not necessary so long as you have a complete file in our system.

There must be a record indicating your status as the referrer at the time of or before the referral comes into our office to register.

  • This can be done by filling out the form above
  • Or by calling 212-509-7200
  • Your referral will also be prompted to list you as their referrer when they register with us

If your referral is placed, we may need to contact you to obtain your address and/or complete a W2 or other necessary forms before we can issue your referral bonus.

Refer a Friend – Get up to $1000 per friend!

Got an accounting friend that is not only smart but has amazing communication skills? Know someone at your office looking for the next move in his or her career?

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