Consulting for the Finance Industry

Wall Street Services is the leading source of project-based consultants in the Finance Industry.

Our clients are mid-sized financial institutions (Investment Banks, Hedge Funds / Private Equity, Management Consultants) that are either:

– Expanding into a new area of business/exploring new products,
– Experiencing or anticipating a spike in activity or
– Facing a crisis that requires skilled talent immediately

We work with CFO’s, COO’s and other senior leaders who see value in expanding their scope with vetted professionals on a project basis. They are looking for talent that sees the big picture, knows how to solve problems and can hit the ground running. We are most appealing to driven leaders that like to move quickly and know talent when they see it.

Our consultants are both experienced and entry-level financial professionals, specifically identified to match an organization’s unique culture through our proprietary recruiting process, which allows us to recognize and select only the most adaptable and qualified professionals in the industry – the top 2% of all applicants.

Areas of Expertise:

Project Managers & Business Analysts
Supply Chain & Logistics Managers
Manufacturing Operations
Financial Operations
MBA Consulting
Compliance & Risk
Marketing Specialists

Key Performance Indicators:

Consultants in our community, screened and ready to start the next project

24 hours
Average turn-around time for talent requests

7 out of 10
Consultants interviewed are offered a position

Network of sources we have established to recruit candidates

New candidates apply each month via our website

Top 2%
Our candidates are the most skilled and qualified in the industry

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