Job Seeker Workshop - Wall Street Services

The Job Seeker Workshops are a series of events held at Wall Street Services headquarters in New York City as well as at various partner locations each month. The event and different program modules were created by our recruiters as they saw a need in the industry to help educate Finance Professionals in their job search. A seasoned Wall Street Services recruiter, Suzanne Havranek believes, “there is so many great talented people that just need a bit of one on one help to clean up their resume or insights into little details at the interview that can make a big difference or even when you are on the job; small actions that can help you reach your goal.”

These workshop events are specifically designed for Job Seekers in the Finance Industry and are free to attend. Events typically last 2 hours and consist of one or two program modules. These modules are standalone and can be mixed or matched depending on client needs. Here is an overview of the current modules that are offered:

Resume Review | Like other hiring managers, we receive a LOT of resumes for the various positions we have open and available. During the personal resume review, our team of recruiters will explain how we review resumes, what we look for and some essential tips to help you personally improve your resume. Make sure to bring a hard copy of your most recent resume!

Interview Strategy | Did you know there was ‘types’ of interview styles? Ever been asked the “weakness” question? At this workshop you will discover key insights into the different interview styles used at the Top NYC Investment Banks and how to deal with some common interview situations including the Q&A portion and the non-stop talker that will be sure to help you nail that next interview. Learn more >>

On the Job Success | How do you define success? Learn tips on managing your job experience and expectations to achieve success whether its gaining experience as a career stepping stone, getting to know senior management, learning from more experienced team members or expanding your network of business connections.

Networking | One of the most important skills for all job seekers is how to utilize their connections. Family, friends and past co-workers are all potential opportunities to get access, learn insights and get a step ahead of the competition. At this workshop, you will learn how to network effectively at events and on LinkedIn.

Over the past year and a half we have worked with several organizations to fine tune and host the workshop content. These organizations include New York University, Streetwise Partners, and In Arms Reach.

nyustreetwise partners In Arms Reach

We are always looking to work with more organizations and enjoy hosting these events for free to help educate job seekers. If you are interested in getting involved and have our team host a Job Seeker Workshop for your community, contact us.

Stay tuned for details on upcoming events, check out feedback from attendees, and photos from past events on Facebook.