Recruiter Roundtable

As recruiters we live akin to detectives – we are always looking with an incomplete understanding of what we need to find, many don’t trust us just by the nature of our work and we succeed on the merits on our wits. Our team is dissatisfied with the recruiting status quo and we are looking for likeminded individuals to get together on a monthly basis and create an open dialogue where we can learn from each other and grow together.

What type of recruiters should join?

The ideal recruiter to join us at the roundtable will have agency side experience, feel dissatisfied with the current state of the recruiting industry, and be interested in participating in a forum that will allow them to grow professionally, create a positive change, and innovate with peers. Recruiters must have an open mind, want to create a more profound connection with their recruits, and have a positive impact on people’s lives.

What is the goal?

  1. Connect with likeminded recruiters and network outside your organization
  2. Exchange best practices and grow professionally
  3. Create new methods and developments in the industry

How to get involved?

The Recruiter Roundtable will launch in late Fall of 2013 and will be invitation only. If you are interested in attending the roundtable or getting involved to help guide the discussion, contact us.

Recruiter Roundtable - Wall Street Services