Ace That Interview: 3 Tips for Job Seekers in Finance

Ace That Interview: 3 Tips for Job Seekers in Finance

So you want to know how to find a job in finance? The answer to that is multi-faceted, as with finding a job in any other industry. There’s the process of developing a professional resume, networking, searching online for job openings, etc. But when all of that is said and done, and you have your first opportunity to appear before a hiring manager face-to-face, you definitely want to make a strong first impression.

Here are 3 tips to give you slight edge over the competition when you interview.

1. Create an “I can handle it” list. Go through the list of required skills and experience that is almost certainly posted for the job in the advertisment. Next to each one of those points, write down how the experience that you’ve had makes you suitable for the position, preferably bolstering your case with anecdotes from your own professional background. Commit this list to memory and use it as your talking points during the actual interview.

2. Be yourself. It becomes painfully obvious to interviewers, who spend much of their time talking to people that want to be hired, when someone is simply trying to be impressive. If you set off that kind of a red flag, your resume might end up at the bottom of the pile. Instead, be yourself. Show off your personality, and not what you think the interviewer wants. This is good advice because a) you probably don’t know what the interviewer wants and b) you will seem more genuine.

3. Record yourself. You probably have a laptop with a built-in camera that you can use to record yourself. Have some possible interview questions written out on 3×5 cards and ask yourself those questions, then record your answers. Play the whole thing back and watch your body language and listen to how you answered the questions. Pay attention to your posture – does it look professional? Also, make sure that you’re not using a lot of “uh” and “um” non-words in your answers. That’s a signal that you’re not well-spoken.

These are just a few pieces of advice, but they’re also fairly simple and inexpensive to follow. Best of all: they’ll increase your odds of landing that great job.

By Wall Street Services Staff

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