Getting A Foot In The Door For Jobs On Wall Street

Getting a Foot in the Door on Wall Street

On Wall Street, it is often more about who you know rather than what you know. While an education helps, getting jobs on Wall Street is often just as much about personality and preparedness.

Beef Up Your Credentials discusses what most banks on Wall Street are looking for when they look for employees:

Although getting a job with a Wall Street firm does not require a degree from a top-notch university, the fact remains that many top banks recruit at a limited number of schools, and those schools are often prominently placed on the ubiquitous “Best” lists.

What if you did not attend one of these so called “Best” schools? That does not automatically disqualify you, it just means you have to try even harder. Taking extra classes and getting certified as a stock broker may be good places to start. Also, simply impressing your new potential boss at an interview is always helpful.

Interview Skills

To be on Wall Street is to be personable. Wall Street is where some of the biggest deals on the planet are made. If you are not someone that can work with other people, you probably do not belong. Showing your skills to engage with others and also your ability to think are your feet are things that could impress a Wall Street recruiter. If these skills are not already in you, practice up on them.


There is a clear line between ambition and showing off, so make sure you understand where that line is drawn. Once this has been made clear, you have what you need to start charging ahead towards your potential Wall Street job. You must show that you are a hard worker who is willing to put in the long hours, but don’t pretend like you are better than anyone else. Be humble but determined.