“On 9/11 I was temping for Wall Street Services down in the financial district.. The staff was incredible during the weeks and months following the attacks. Because their office was essentially in a no-go area, they set up shop in a cafe in the Village where we could come by to pick up our checks. Everyone was very kind, and wanted to make sure that I was doing okay. I had only been working for them for about six weeks. Wall Street Services is simply the best agency in New York. What really makes them stand out for me though, are the staff appreciation events they hold.. If you’re smart and not afraid of challenging assignments, you can’t go wrong with Wall Street Services.”

- Inez T., executive assistant

“Wall Street Services helped me find a challenging position with one of the most elite companies in both New York and the world. The entire interview to hire process took only three weeks. They remained in constant contact and served as a very professional liaison between both myself and the organization.”

- Corey H., HR analyst

“If you are looking to enter the workplace after a long hiatus or to advance to a higher level job in Corporate America. I have worked with other agencies in the city and none have been as professional and respectful. The staff and their beautiful office just conveyed a high sense of integrity and professionalism.”

- Susan H., Executive Assistant

“Wall Street Services is by far the best staffing agency I have ever worked with. The professionalism is unparalleled and the staff is extremely courteous and very diligent in their approach to finding the right match for employer and employee. The turnaround time is very quick as I was interviewing shortly after my resume was submitted… It truly was a wonderful experience to work with Wall Street Services.”

- Wais A., Financial Services Specialist

“I have been to plenty of agencies before but my first impression of this place was professional and very respectful. The staff and their beautiful office just conveyed a high sense of security.. After just 2 days of waiting, I was placed at a great company, making a really good rate. Then I was transitioned into another job with a major investment bank, which I have just recently became a full time employee with. The staff is extremely supportive and helpful.. Offering a full list of benefits for the temporary employee like transitcheks and medical coverage.”

- Will R., Administrative Assistant

“This is an agency that clearly accepts the best of the best candidates! They source for top level companies. The professionalism is top notch. Testing is somewhat lengthy but the outcome is well worth the registration process. If you have that competitive edge and can excel through their interview process, the end result is not just a job but a career! Excellent Services and Excellent Results!”

- Anonymous, Finance Specialist

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