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3 Project Management Pitfalls to Tackle at the Start

The Consultant and the Consulting Process

3 Common Culprits: Conflict Management for Project Managers

There are a lot of moving parts in the world of finance project management including time constraints, pressure from stakeholders, and changing goals and goal posts. These pitfalls can derail your project timeline and budget, impacting your results, so you’ll want to devise a plan to avoid them right off the bat. Pitfall 1: Taking...

In your job search as a project manager, you may have noticed that some of the best opportunities are labeled as consulting. Lucky you, you’ve landed an interview for one of these roles. In preparation, you have polished your resume, honed your interviewing skills, researched the company, assimilated the knowledge and expertise of your financial...

When you consider that approximately 63% of project managers claim that lack of communication is one of the biggest challenges they face, this creates a breeding ground for potential conflicts. Increasingly, project managers are dealing with a number of difficulties: longer hours, managing remote team members alongside of on-site contributors, rapidly approaching deadlines and greater...

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