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3 Common Culprits: Conflict Management for Project Managers

Could LinkedIn Cost You Your Finance Job?

Open Door Policies Don’t Always Work for Finance Project Managers

When you consider that approximately 63% of project managers claim that lack of communication is one of the biggest challenges they face, this creates a breeding ground for potential conflicts. Increasingly, project managers are dealing with a number of difficulties: longer hours, managing remote team members alongside of on-site contributors, rapidly approaching deadlines and greater...

The New York Times reports that four people have brought a class action lawsuit against LinkedIn contending that the service’s “Reference Search” cost them job opportunities. This feature, which is only available to premium account holders who pay a monthly fee, allows employers to discover who else worked at a company during the same time...

As a new finance project manager, you’ve decided to implement an open-door policy. Your subordinates should feel free to come to you with questions anytime. After all, open and honest communication is the best path to business success. It isn’t long before your staff takes advantage of your largesse. They come to you constantly with...

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