JobSeeker Workshop – Resume Review, Interview Styles, On the Job Success

The Job Seeker Workshop is a monthly event held at Wall Street Services Headquarters in New York City. The event was created by our recruiters as they saw a need in the industry to help educate Finance Professionals in their job search. A seasoned Wall Street Services recruiter, Suzanne Havranek believes, “there is so many great talented people that just need a bit of one on one help to clean up their resume or insights into little details at the interview that can make a big difference or even when you are on the job; small actions that can help you reach your goal.”

The first series of the Job Seeker Workshop includes a Resume Review followed by a Discussion on strategies for Interviews and On the Job Success.

The event begins with attendees meeting 1-1 with our team of recruiters to review their resume. In this fast paced portion, our recruiters go through each item on your resume and use a Resume Checklist to give you insights into what needs to be updated, areas they find are lacking and ideas on how to turn your tasks into accomplishments.

Following the resume review, our CEO, Peter Laughter gives attendees tips on the 4 main styles of interviews you can encounter and how to be successful in each. Based on our feedback from ver 25 years working with clients and candidates in investment banking, we share which banks are more likely to use which style and even how to nail the Q&A portion.

Wrapping up the event is the “On the Job Success” presentation with Senior Recruiter Suzanne Havranek. Managing your job experience and expectations is key to achieving success whether it’s gaining experience as a career stepping stone, getting to know senior management, learning from more experienced team members or expanding your network of business connections. In this discussion, we detail different strategies and opportunities for you to identify and take advantage of while on the job in order to reach your specific career goals.

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Based on ideas from our consultants, clients and event attendees we will develop more sessions of Job Seeker Workshops that focus specifically on interviewing, networking, utilizing social media, and more.

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