Financial Consulting Jobs: Interim Position or Long-term Career?

Financial Consulting Jobs- Interim Position or Long-term Career?

For some financial professionals, a job in financial consulting can be the first job out of college and one that is considered a stepping-stone to a full-time career. For others who have worked in the finance field for a long time, consulting can be a career in itself.

First Time Consultants
The career path for financial consulting jobs is fairly structured, especially in larger firms. They may start off as a junior analyst, and gradually progress to consultant, team leader, or manager. Less-experienced consultants might be partnered with senior consultants and are part of a team that works together for a period of time ranging from several weeks to a year or more. New consultants can gain valuable experience by working on a variety of projects such as regulatory issues, risk management, or technology improvements. They may be exposed to assignments that will expand their skill set and knowledge base. Based on their background and experience with the company’s technology and business practices, new consultants who gain experience working on an important project for a firm are often considered good candidates for a permanent position that may open up in the future. Working as a new consultant can be the proverbial “foot in the door.”

Experienced Consultants
This is a category of professionals that have previous experience working in the same field and have chosen to the role of consultant as a full-time career. They could be assigned to more complex projects involving process improvement, data mapping, or technology solutions. Financial professionals may have dealt with being unemployed for a period of time, and have decided to work as a consultant. Others may have already retired and wish to pursue part-time employment as a consultant to bring in extra income and utilize their skills. A former full-time employee in a large firm might like the flexibility of consulting work and being exposed to new projects that test their level of expertise at smâlâ

Whether you’re looking to get a job as a newly-minted consultant or a seasoned pro with years of experience, great opportunities in the financial consulting field are available for anyone with analytical and communication skills and a talent for teamwork.

By Wall Street Services Staff